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Company profile

Sicce's 540,000-square foot facility, of which 300,000 square feet are indoors, is located in Pozzoleone (Vicenza-Italy).

SICCE has been in the aquarium and garden pond market for over 40 years, setting a globally-recognized standard for quality. Our vast experience allows Sicce to produce versatile, high-quality products with high-performance, and to develop complete lines of filtration systems, pumps, aquarium accessories, aquariums, decorative fountains for indoors and outdoors, ponds, pond and pool filters, drainage pumps and pumps for various industrial uses.

SICCE 's Five Product Divisions

Aquarium: Extremely silent pumps with low power consumption, internal and external filters, powerhead pumps, high-precision heaters, air pumps, CO2 systems, stream pumps and aquarium lines for both beginners and demanding aquarium enthusiasts.

Fountains: Extremely silent pumps for indoor and outdoor fountains; submersible fountain lighting systems.

Garden: Internal filters for ponds, pressure filters, fountains, submersible lights for ponds, flexible folding pond kits with pump.

Drainage: Drainage pumps, ideal for draining cellars, boats, garages and difficult-to-reach spots. These pumps are useful also for DIY operations.

Aqua tools:Accessories to furnish and maintain fresh water and marine aquariums.

Pool:Pumps (both standard AC and low-voltage, 12V models) and sand filters for above ground swimming pools.

Thanks to innovative research, advanced technology, top quality, and excellent customer service, SICCE focuses on growing and developing its markets, through worldwide recognition of its trademark. For Sicce, prompt client response and flexibility are not only our service goals, they are the foundation for our continued growth. We believe that direct contact with our clients is the best way to understand and interpret their needs, as well as to understand market trends, allowing Sicce to remain always on the cutting edge.

Thanks to the important technical solutions we adopt, SICCE possesses prestigious international patents, which position us among world market leaders.

Utilizing the Kaizen system, regarding Lean Production, SICCE has internally developed manufacturing optimization. Specific control systems at our production facility guarantee 100% verification of the product before it is shipped without sacrificing flexibility.  Sicce’s Quality Control goes beyond checking production processes: all incoming material is checked before it is used and the final product re-examined prior to shipment. SICCE possesses certifications such as: VDE, TÜV (Germany), UL (USA), cUL (Canada), and PSE (Japan), just to name a few. These achievements have been accomplished without restricting our production flexibility, which is always oriented towards our clients' needs.